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Keeping Athletes in Balance With Sports Chiropractic

man back liftingWhen the head goes off-center and the atlas is off-balance, we will usually see changes in the posture when you’re standing. When the head goes off-center when you’re standing, you’re going to have one hip that’s high and one that’s low. When you’re lying down, you will have one leg that’s long and one that’s short. And one shoulder high and one that’s low.

Pain and Problems From Being Out of Balance

Let’s say you’re a 200-pound runner. You may be running with 110 pounds on one side and 90 on the other. Though you may not feel it initially if you’re out of balance for years, your hip or your knee or ankle is going to wear out. We often see a lot of athletes with unexplained knee pain.

The first step in addressing the pain is measuring the hips with a laser caliper. Once we see how far off it is, it makes sense to them that this is why their knee hurts when they run. When we get them back in balance, a lot of those things will go away without ever touching the knee or the hip.

What Happens When the Atlas Is Misaligned?

When the atlas misaligns, the spinocerebellar tracts are affected. They control muscle tone and posture. We will see an imbalance in muscle tone and posture when the atlas is misaligned. That will affect performance. Usually, we will see tight muscles on one side and stretched muscles on the other. So a person would be performing from the imbalanced state.

Chiropractic brings balance back to the body so you can get back in the game. It also can increase range of motion, decrease pain and improve recovery time.

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